Monday, April 7, 2014

Top 5 Garden Gifts - For Gardeners and Garden Lovers

Aluminum and fused glass wreath
Luther Burbank captured it very well:  "Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul."  Whether you have your own garden, or simply enjoy the beauty of gardens created by nature and others, they are a delightful place to find some peace.

This lovely and very light-weight wreath is made of aluminum (no rust! no tarnish!) with fused glass elements adhered to the surface.  It measures 15" in diameter.  Handmade, so no two exactly alike, it is a lovely way to celebrate your garden.  Shipping included!

Fused Glass candle shields


This pair of fused glass pieces are curved a bit and have a votive candle cup adhered to the back.  When lit, the charming glow will warm any room, all year round.

Each measures approximately 7 1/2" tall x 6" wide.  Since they are handmade, variations will occur between each one.  Buy them today and enjoy included shipping!

Light-weight wall clock with reproduction watercolor.
This cheerful wall clock is the result of reproducing the original watercolor of Olympia artist Pam Corwin.  The 6" x 6" image is mounted on foam core, making it exceptionally light weight.  You can hang it with a push pin!  Just add a double A battery.  And guess what?  It doesn't make a ticking sound!  The mechanism is silent.

Get a whole collection today for all your gardening buddies!  Remember, shipping is included in the price!

Original mixed media collage entitled "Spring"
This charming one-of-a-kind original piece is by collage master Donna Jean Perry.  It includes hand-made papers, glass beads, metal wire and sheet, and paint.  The image alone measures 6" x 6".  It is matted with a double mat, and framed in a simple bright bronze frame 1/2" wide.  The frame picks up the metal components within the collage.

This is a first come, first served item due to its one-of-a-kind nature.  And remember, shipping is included in the price!

Enjoy our online shopping options for gardeners of all stripes!  Thanks for taking a look!

Your Beauty Ambassadors,
Jeff and Manya

Saturday, March 22, 2014

More London Blue Topaz!

Master faceter Bill Booze continues to send us more London Blue Topaz, since more and more of you are taking it home with you!  The mesmerizing teal color of this stone is very appealing.  Bill's masterful faceting skills, honed for over 25 years, can be seen in the extra facets beneath the stone, resulting in quite dazzling sparkle.

Since he chooses only the most amazing stones to begin with, the results after he's done faceting can only be described as amazing.

Bill's work can best be described as contemporary heirlooms, and will certainly be passed along to the next generation as a prized piece of beloved jewelry.  The settings are simple, elegant and timeless.  The craftsmanship is among the best there is.

Here are the newest additions to us here at MaJe Gallery:

London Blue Topaz pendant, set in sterling silver, by master faceter Bill Booze

This pendant features two London Blue Topaz stones, one larger than the other.  Together they weigh in at 5 carats.  The top one measures 7mm in diameter, while the lower one is 9mm.  The pendant itself is 1.75" in length.

There's a loop on the back for a chain or, as is shown here, a neck ring.  The metal is sterling silver.  You can purchase it with or without the neck ring.  If you prefer a chain, let us know and we can get you the length you want.

London Blue Topaz pendant in sterling silver, by master faceter Bill Booze


In this unusual yet simple pendant, the London Blue Topaz weighs in at 8.4 carats, and measures 12mm in diameter.  Bill Booze's expertise in faceting really comes through here, as the faceting is exquisite, giving this piece remarkable sparkle.  The deep blue color is simply mesmerizing.

The chain loops through the top of the pendant itself.  Or, as is shown here, wear it with a neck ring.  The metal is sterling silver.  You can purchase it with or without the neck ring.  If you prefer a chain, let us know and we can get you the length you want.

Oval London Blue Topaz pendant, set in sterling, by master faceter Bill Booze

This ultra simple pendant features an oval London Blue Topaz, once again exquisitely faceted by the master, Bill Booze.  A true classic, this pendant, as well as the other two, are contemporary heirlooms that will be passed down to the next generation as prized and beloved pieces of jewelry.

This stone weighs in at 7 carats, and measures 13.75mm x 10mm in size.  It stands alone in its beauty.  As usual, Bill Booze's expert faceting brings out the intense blue color with spectacular dazzle and sparkle.
This is a great time to purchase a unique and special piece of jewelry.  There's time to enjoy it for yourself, and then choose whom to pass it along to later on.  We look forward to working with you to make that happen!  Questions?  Just give us a call at 425-776-3778!

Jeff and Manya
Your Beauty Ambassadors

Monday, March 10, 2014

In Love with London Blue Topaz

There must be something in the air, because we've been selling lots of London Blue Topaz lately.  Perhaps it's the rich teal hue of that particular topaz.  Perhaps it's the imminent arrival of spring that has us all seeking out more blue.  Whatever the case, it's clear we are in love with it!

So, in case you can't make it in to the gallery, we thought we'd offer a chance for you to purchase them online so you can fall in love too!  Free shipping!

All the gemstones here are the results of over 30 years of honing his skills as a master gem faceter.  Yes, I'm talking about Bill Booze.  First he selects the finest rough gems available.  Then he applies his magic of faceting to bring out the richest hues and most sparkly reflections available today.

All the settings are sterling silver.  If it's a ring, Bill will re-size it up or down one full size for free!

London Blue Topaz pendant and earring set, in sterling silver

This pendant and earring set is an excellent example of simple elegance.  These are pieces you'll be able to pass down to the next generation, knowing how unique they are.  In the pendant, the London Blue Topaz weighs in as a nice 5 carats, and measures 9.9 mm across.

The sterling pendant measures 1.8" in length from the top of the bail.

In the earrings, the stones weigh in at about 3 carats total weight.  Each stone measures 7.4mm across, and is just over 1" in length, with a post setting.

Vibrant blue topaz ring with open-work sterling band
My camera didn't quite capture the intense hue of this stone.  It's almost a turquoise, aqua shade that very rich.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  I've never seen another one like it!

This stone is 6.1 carats, and 9.6mm in diameter.

This ring is currently a size 7 1/2.  But remember, it can be resized up or down one full size for free!  Just let us know, and we'll handle the details.

London Blue Topaz flanked by Peridot
This stunning ring features a trio of stones with London Blue Topaz in the center, flanked by a pair of incredible peridots.  The center stone is 7.9mm in diameter, while the two peridots are 6.2mm each.  Here's how it looks on a hand.

This ring is currently size 7, but as you'll recall, it can be sized up or down one full size for free!  Just let us know and we'll handle the details.  The rings can be sized up or down more than that, but there will be a small charge.
Remember to stop by MaJe Gallery to see more of Bill Booze's amazing handiwork, and these gorgeous gemstones set as pendants, earrings and rings.

Jeff and Manya
Your Beauty Ambassadors

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Give the gift of love - in a unique way

Flowers and chocolate are what's expected on Valentine's Day.  But what about those of us who live outside the box a bit?  Who prefer the unexpected?

Artists have got you covered!  Flowers?  How about the kind that won't fade away and die next week...

Glass flowers on aluminum stems and base

A five-bud glass bouquet features deep red, carmel, orange, root beer and butter colors, which are especially nice in homes decorated with the rich, warm colors.  Each flower is 4" across.  The aluminum stems are hollow, and each flower screws into the top.  The aluminum base is weighted, so it won't tip easily.  Made in Arizona by Scott Johnson.  The price of $120 includes shipping.  If you live outside Washington state, expect a refund check for the sales tax.

Fused glass on steel frame with votive behind

Keep the flame of your love alive with this fused glass heart, where a votive cup is behind.  It glows beautifully when lit!  The glass is mounted on a steel frame, reminding us all of the strong foundation of your love.  Chunks of red glass have squares of dichroic glass in an enticing pattern on the front. 5.5" x 5.5".  Shipping included in the price.  If you live outside Washington state, expect a refund check for the sales tax.

Hand-built clay sculpture of "The Flame"
"The Flame" is kept burning in its safe cradle, forever keeping your love alive.  This sculpture is two pieces - the red flame and the black cradle.  Both are hollow, and could be used to hold live flowers.  This photo shows a mottled red glaze, while our current one is a solid, deep red.  15" tall x 9" wide.  Price includes shipping.  If you live outside Washington state, expect a refund check for the sales tax.

Swarovski crystal heart jewelry, on sterling silver

A large swarovski crystal heart in the "red magma" color on an interesting sterling silver chain with matching earrings.  A great color and oh so sparkly!  The heart pendant is 1 1/8" tall on a 17" chain.  Hearts on the earrings are 1/2" tall, on sterling leverback ear wires.
Let your Valentine's gifts be different and unique this year!

Jeff and Manya
Your Beauty Ambassadors

Monday, January 13, 2014

Garnets - January's birthstone, and The Stone of Passion

Garnets, with their deep red hue, are the most popular gemstone we sell here at MaJe Gallery.

It's January as I write, and garnet is the birthstone for January.  This is a great time to consider treating yourself to a unique and beautiful piece of artisan jewelry to commemorate your birth!

We posted a few in the blog just before this, but have received several  new designs we'd like to share.

New earring design by Shari Both with garnets and gold-fill

The beautiful earrings above are made by Seattle's Shari Both.  She used deep red faceted garnets, set off in gold-fill for a richness of tone.  She hand-made the wire feature herself, and used chain to create beauty of movement.  Enjoy free shipping!

Sterling silver and garnet necklace by Manya Vee

Here we have a sterling silver necklace featuring a beautiful pendant with a garnet cabochon.  Garnets line the sides, intermixed with sterling chain.  It's a delicate and feminine necklace made by MaJe co-owner, Manya Vee.  Enjoy free shipping!

Garnet trio inside gold-fill oval, with fire opal accents

Here's another pair of earrings by Shari Both, newly added to her collection for 2014.  A trio of faceted garnet briolettes cascades inside a hand-made gold fill wire oval.  Fire opal accents are above and below.  Gold fill ear wires.  Enjoy free shipping!

More beautiful and distinctive garnet jewelry awaits your pleasure with a visit to MaJe Gallery in downtown Edmonds, Washington!  Stop by to enjoy plenty of eye candy!

Jeff and Manya

Monday, January 6, 2014

Garnet - January's birthstone, and oh so much more!

Deep red garnets are one of the most popular stones we offer at MaJe Gallery.  The particular shade of red is very attractive, and can be worn with lots of other colors.  Red is a power color, so wearing it might bring out your inner Wonder Woman!

Garnet is also the birthstone for those born in the month of January.

As you can imagine, we have quite a variety of jewelry options for those seeking a distinctive piece of jewelry in honor of their birth month.  Of course, you don't have to be born in January to wear it!

Garnet, Pearl and gold fill, by Shari Both Jewelry Design

When garnet is surrounded by the warm tones of gold, it takes on a royal richness that is quite lush.  Above we see a unique pendant created by Shari Both in which she wired four garnet briolettes together to create a flower.  A creamy pearl wrapped in gold descends gracefully from that, and a special gold-fill chain adds the final touch.

I can see Queen Elizabeth wearing such a stunning piece as this!  Or perhaps Lady Mary from Downton Abbey, since she wears deep red so often.  Let's take a look at a ring that is also evocative of royalty...

Triple garnet ring, by master faceter Bill Booze

This triple garnet ring features a center rectangle shape flanked by two squares.  Each stone was hand-selected and faceted by the master, Bill Booze.  Even though they are bezel-set, there is still lots of life and color within the garnets, to sparkle and show off their intense hues.

Each stone is set in a 14k yellow gold bezel, and it's a sterling band.  This one-of-a-kind ring is absolutely stunning on the hand.  Simple and elegant, yet commanding.
Garnet pendant in sterling silver, by master faceter Bill Booze

Another example of the magic a master faceter can work on a high quality stone.  Bill Booze has been honing his faceting skills on quality gems for over 30 years.  He collects only the most beautiful stones, and they are in the rough.  He then uses techniques mastered over the years to bring out the best qualities in each stone, and make it sparkle beautifully.  This 3.5 carat garnet is a rich, deep red.  He set it in sterling to help keep the price more affordable than gold.  Isn't it gorgeous?  

Romantic garnet set by Manya Vee, in sterling

The set above is inspired by jewelry of the Victorian age, yet with a modern twist.  Various shapes of garnet are wired onto a delicate sterling chain.  Coordinating earrings complete it as an excellent set that will be worn for years.  Let it dress up your jeans, or pair it with a dress for special occasions.

Lots more options of garnet jewelry await your pleasure upon a visit to MaJe Gallery!  We hope you'll come by soon!

Jeff and Manya
Your Beauty Ambassadors

Have fun with us!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Top Ten Best Stocking Stuffers Around!

I confess.  Opening my stocking on Christmas morning is one of my favorite things to do.  It is always full of lots of little treasures that are just way too much fun!  Check out these wonderful ideas to help narrow down your stocking stuffer search!

And shop right here too!  We'll get them shipped out right away so they arrive in time!  Need it sent elsewhere?  Free gift wrapping too!  Need a question answered?  Just give us a call at 425-776-3778.
Adjustable Swarovski crystal rings.  $20 each.

Apparently, humans share some DNA with crows, because we are attracted to sparkly things - like these Swarovski crystal rings.  And the best part?  They are adjustable so you don't have to worry about the size.  Just squeeze gently to make smaller, or pull gently apart to make larger.  Lots of colors still available.  Just $20. Call to confirm remaining colors, and get one for everyone woman on your list!

This image shows two views of the same 5 rings.  The top image shows the color better, while the lower image allows you to see how the band adjusts.  Colors are, from left to right: Amethyst, Light Turquoise, Siam, Topaz Glacier Blue and Moss Violet.

Left: Santa Countdown.  Center: Snowman Couple  Right: Snowman Stack
These adorable hand-sculpted clay figurines feature snowmen and santas in various playful poses.  Hand-made by Clayton Dickson in Nova Scotia, customers have been scooping them up in multiples.  Since the snowmen are a winter theme, they can remain out after Christmas without guilt all winter long!  As our stock dwindles, call to confirm what we have left!

Color choices as listed on the image.  Each bird approximately 3" long x 2" high

Many of us enjoy watching the variety of birds that pass through our area.  For such types we have these beautiful hot glass sculpted birds from Henrietta Glass of Rhode Island.  No two quite alike, they are quite charming!  They are also a bit heavy, making them an excellent paper weight.

Blown glass "kisses" are charming on their own, but also make great ring holders.

These blown glass "kisses" by Ron Hinkle of West Virginia have been a favorite small gift of many MaJe customers.  Give a permanent kiss to your kids or best friends!  Some folks keep one beside the kitchen sink and stow their rings upon them while doing the dishes.  Just $9 each.  Each is approximately 2" tall and 1.5" at the base.  Specify color preferences in the comments, and we'll do our best to accommodate!

Recycled cotton, mis-matched socks.  Colorful, fun and green!

The mis-matched socks from Vermont's SolMate have been favorites of the MaJe gang for years!  We just filled out the supplies, and have all sizes in the above four colors.  Still just $19.95 each.  Colors, from the left, are Raspberry, Daffodil, Harvest Moon and Carnation.

Fused glass photo arch - holds 4x6 photo either direction, and 5x7 photos upright.

These fused glass photo arches by Heidi VanderWerff are hands down the most popular gift item at MaJe Gallery, all year-round.  Here's why.  1. Elegant.  2. Functional.  3. Affordable.  4. Unusual.  5. Made in Washington.  Do you need any other reason than that?  Available in 6 colors, and still just $14.99.  Shown are ivory (with photo) blue and red.  Green, Amber and Amethyst also available.

Blown glass wine bottle stoppers
And our current selection as of today...
Wine stoppers as seen in display at MaJe Gallery
We seriously enjoy wine here in the Northwest, which makes these attractive blown glass wine bottle stoppers a functional gift that will get lots of use.  At $22, that's an excellent price for blown glass of any kind.  Call to confirm which colors are still available.

6 pairs faux fur fingerless gloves in luxuriously soft fabric - reversible!
Top quality faux fur is used to make these luxurious - yet affordable - fingerless gloves.  Made in Seattle by Leigh Young, they are just $29.  Both soft and warm, these gloves are popular among all age groups.  Plus, they're reversible!  One side has a bit of a pattern, while the other is a solid black, chocolate or cream.  

In the image, going left to right, top row colors are Black Chinchilla, Black rosebud, and Black Tiger.  All three have solid black inside.  Bottom row left to right is Brown Chinchilla, Brown Rosebud, and Praline.  All have solid chocolate inside.

Give us a buzz to confirm what colors are left, and we'll get them off in the mail right away!

Enjoy shopping at MaJe Gallery from the comfort of your warm home! 

Jeff and Manya
Your Beauty Ambassadors