Monday, August 24, 2015

What's New at MaJe This Week?

Aluminum wreath with dichroic and regular glass

Welcome visitors to your home with this charming aluminum wreath made by a local artist.  Aluminum doesn't rust or tarnish, so it's perfect for our damp Northwest weather.  Embellished with both dichroic and regular glass elements, it's both colorful and cheerful.  It also makes a great wedding or house warming gift.

Light-weight wall clocks with Washington state themes


The ever-popular wall clocks from Olympia's Paper Scissors Rock feature favorite Washington state themes.  These clocks look like ceramic tiles that are heavy and easily broken.  But no!  Rather, an original watercolor painting is reproduced and mounted onto gatorboard, so each is extremely light weight.  You can drop it, but you can't break it!  Light enough to hang from a push pin.

Dichroic Glass earrings for the 12th man in you

Are you a Seahawks fan?  Be ready for the entire season by adorning yourself now with these one-of-a-kind 12th man earrings made in Kirkland using dichroic glass.  While each is one-of-a-kind, once this pair sells, just ask me for pictures of others to choose your favorite.

"Out to Lunch,"  original acrylic on canvas painting by Suzanne deCillia

This painting is just waiting for you to create a story about the subjects.  Inspired by an outdoor cafe in Seattle, local artist Suzanne deCillia captured these two enjoying lunch.

Stop by to see other new items, and just to browse!

Also, if you missed my video last week, "Six Ways to Wear A Shimmer Shawl," be sure to check it out!

See you soon,

Manya Vee

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Shimmer Shawls by Caron Miller

The Shimmer Shawls by California's Caron Miller are a constant best seller at MaJe Gallery.  The two sides of the fabric are interesting.  One side has the amazing shimmer appeal, while the other is a matte finish.  Draping your shawl can create very impressive and dramatic results.

The fabric is a machine washable rayon.

The Shimmer Shawl can be worn a number of ways.  Let's find out some of those ways in this video featuring MaJe owner, Manya Vee.

Click on the image to watch a video of how to wear the Shimmer Shawls

Stop by MaJe Gallery in downtown Edmonds, Washington, to get your favorite, or purchase it right here online.  Here are the available colors, starting with the most popular.

Aqua Shimmer Shawl
The aqua shawl is the most popular color for MaJe customers.  It's a color that works very well on nearly every skin tone. It's wonderful with jeans, over a simple black dress, or with lots of other colors too.

Shimmer Shawl in Black Orchid
Black Orchid is a rich, deep purple on the shimmer side, and a black on the other.

Shimmer Shawl in Copper
Copper is a warm copper on the shimmer side, and a brownish-black on the other.

Shimmer Shawl in Magenta/Seafoam
The Magenta/Seafoam shawl is a fascinating two-tone weave with magenta threads one direction and seafoam the other.  The shimmer effect on this one is a bit magical, sometimes looking more seafoam, at other times more magenta.  The reverse side is a matte magenta.

Shimmer Shawl in Olive

The Olive shawl is a gorgeous olive green on one side, and a greenish-black on the matte side.
Lavender-Yellow Shimmer Shawl
The Lavender-Yellow shawl features lavender threads one direction and golden-yellow the other.  The reverse side is a matte lavender.

Silver Shimmer Shawl
The Silver shawl is a gorgeous silver on one side and matte black on the other.  This has been a popular neutral tone.

Tangerine Shimmer Shawl
The tangerine shawl is perhaps the boldest color in the line, featuring a vivid orange-red thread one direction and a golden-yellow the other way.  The reverse side is a matte orange-red.

Teal Shimmer Shawl
The teal shawl is a rich, deep teal blue on the shimmery side, and matte black on the other.

Whichever shawl you choose, wear it for both dressy and casual so you maximize your value, and make a bold statement wherever you go.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Wedding Gifts They'll Cherish

Choosing a great wedding gift can take some thought.  Yes, picking something from their registry is helpful and all, but it won't be something they'll remember you by.

Here are some out-of-the-box ideas to help you select a wedding gift they'll cherish they're whole life together.  The best part is they'll always think of you whenever they use it!

A mosaic mirror is for an extra special gift.  The mosaic frame suits a modest budget


Seattle's Angie Heinrich studied mosaic-making with masters in Italy and Spain.  The craftsmanship she applies to her mosaics is very high.  Shown here is a lovely oval mirror measuring 22" x 18".  Easy to hang with a picture wire on the back.  This one features brick red and golden tiles - perfect for homes with warm colors.  Other colors and sizes are also available - just email me with ideas and I'll send pictures for you to review.

If your budget is more modest, check out the gorgeous silver picture frame on the right.  It holds a 6" x 4" photo - perfect for their favorite wedding portrait.  A great gift at $62.  Other colors also available - just ask.

Bud vases of copper and steel between glass


The ancient technique of fusing metal between two pieces of glass is brought into the 21st century by Charlton Glassworks.  Here we see elegant simplicity in a trio of bud vases that were created by fusing pieces of copper and steel between the glass.  When copper is heated up to fuse the glass together, wonderful colors like burgundy, purple, brick and black come out in a beautiful array that's never the same twice.  The steel turns a shiny black.  

Due to the simple style, this design works well in nearly any home decorating style.  For a special couple, get the trio.  For someone less beloved or a more modest budget, just choose one.

Mid-Century inspired fused glass trays


Here at the gallery we are hearing that more and more couples are decorating in the mid-century style of the 50s and 60s.  This pair of fused glass trays picks up the mood of that style, adding a touch of elegance as well.  Each tray measures 10" x 10" and is fully functional.  Some use them for dinner plates, others for appetizers.  They're also excellent to simply display as a work of art.  

Get the pair for a special couple, or just one if the budget is more limited.

"The Chalice" - sculptural piece that's also functional as a vase

This is a fabulous gift for a couple near and dear to your heart.  Sculpted by the masterful hands of Barry McAlister, this is actually two separate pieces that nestle inside each other, with the center depicting a flame.  What could better capture your hopes for lasting, vibrant love between these two about to embark on a new adventure together?

Four options for a limited budget


For various reasons, you may not wish to spend a large amount on a wedding gift.  Never fear!  Here are some great options starting at $20.

At top left we have an original acrylic painting (this is NOT a reproduction), "Colors of Love", by Julie Terrell.  For a couple who loves color, this is a wonderful gift, and easy to place, measuring 10" x 10".

At top right we have a delightful pair of Everyday Drinking Glasses, perfect for milk, orange juice, water, or whatever you want.  At just $20 for a pair, that's a gift they'll use every day!  Sorry, but this item is SOLD OUT.

At the lower left we have three choices of the elegant yet fun beaded salad sets by Chantal Trandafir.  These are the three most popular color choices because they go with so many different types of plateware.

At lower right, a charming oil or vinegar bottle features a fused glass heart.  Celebrate their love for each other and their love of cooking with this simple, elegant gift.  This particular oil/vinegar bottle is SOLD OUT, but many other options are available.  Let me send you images.

Of course, we have many more options in the gallery, but this gives you some fun ideas to contemplate as you plan for your weddings this summer.

Hope to see you soon,
Manya and Jeff

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Three Elegant Styles for Special Occasions

Distinctive elegance for special occasions can be a tough market to find.  The mall offers the usual cookie-cutter options, which suffice for the masses.  When you turn to wearable art, however, a range of new options appear that you will see capture the goal of style and elegance with grace.    

As many of you already know, we also strive for comfort.  It's much easier to be elegantly graceful when you feel comfortable in your clothing.  For example, this first outfit is perfect for a mother of the bride or groom.  But it can also take you to summer evening soirees with ease.

Hand-painted one-of-a-kind dragonfly jacket over black trousers and a gray tank
Start with the basics.  Here we have the rayon knit trousers from Testimony.  Remember when Katherine Hepburn wore pants?  They were so classy and elegant, and about this width here.  Available in XS,S,M,L and XL.  Be sure to specify your size.

Top the trousers off with a simple gray tank top.  This one is super soft and comfortable, made in California by Luxe Junkie.  One size fits all.

This basic "canvas" can now be dressed up with a fabulous wrap or shawl.  Up above, we've paired it with one of Pam Wells' incredible hand-painted silk dragonfly jackets.  Starting with white silk, Pam first dyed the silk a mottled pale ivory and yellow.  Then she stamped a simple floral design onto the surface with fabric paint.  The inset in the back features vintage kimono silk and a few hand-sewn wooden buttons to accent it.  Pam believes we must be as beautiful going as we are coming, so she always decorates the reverse side of her art pieces.  Alas, this one-of-a-kind piece is now SOLD OUT.

Caron Miller Dot Mesh Shawl comes in three color options: gold, wine and black

In this image, we started with that very same basic canvas - the black trousers and gray tank top.  Trade out the dragonfly jacket for one of these super light-weight dot mesh shawls by Caron Miller and a whole new look emerges.  These are pleather dots sewn onto a mesh fabric, making them very easy to play with.  I've done the simplest choice here by draping the shawl over the shoulders.

This shawl also looks totally smashing when worn as a scarf with your favorite jeans and a T-shirt.

Aqua Shimmer Shawl

Here's another option for the basic canvas, should you prefer a skirt to trousers.  This is the Perfect Black Skirt by Testimony Los Angeles.  The rayon knit fabric is cut to create the most amazing flow when you move.  It's a long skirt, adding to the elegance factor, measuring 37-38" from the top of the waist to the hem.

I've topped it off here with another Testimony favorite, the Lily top in ivory.  This super simple top has two layers.  In front, the top layer is cut a bit shorter than the inner layer.  In back, the top layer opens in a "V" shape over the inner layer.  This top hides a lot of sins, making it perfect for those of us who want to hide those little rolls that don't want to go away.

Just like the other outfit, this basic canvas can now be made to become whatever you want.  I've topped it off here with one of out top-selling item, the shimmer shawl by Caron Miller.  Here it is in aqua, but we have other colors in store too, like lime, tangerine, magenta, silver and burgundy.  These shawls are fun to play with because there's one side with lots of shimmer, and the other side has a matte finish.  When draping it, you can play with those visual textures for maximum pizzazz.

And there you have it!  Some great ideas for looking elegant at all your special occasions this summer and beyond.  Purchase things right here on the web, or stop by the shop to try things on and check out additional options!

I can't wait to help you find the perfect thing for your summer fun.

Manya Vee

Sunday, April 26, 2015

InsideOut Casual Chic Clothing

InsideOut casual chic clothing can now be found at MaJe Gallery in Edmonds.  This fun line is perfect for the comfort-loving Northwesterner who still wants to look sharp.

The fabric is 96% modal and 4% spandex, which is extremely soft.  I like to joke that I feel like I'm wearing my PJs, but I look good!  Machine washable, and line dry for easy care.

Made in Florida, this company has a great story to share.  For over 40 years, Iris's mom made textiles for others in her 7,500 factory in Miami, FL.  A few years ago, mom was diagnosed with cancer, and Iris quit her lucrative job to help out.  Recently, the company they'd made clothing for for the past 10 years took it all and moved all the jobs to China.

Iris and her mother were sad about that, but what made them even more sad was having to let go of all the women workers they had and had come to love.  Where would they go?  The next day, InsideOut was born.  All the women still have jobs.  And some terrific clothing is made right here in America.

The Megan Wrap in black and gray stripes
The Megan Wrap closes with a single large button at the top, but can also be worn open.  It's a wonderful long butt-covering flowy cover that is also slenderizing.  See how the stripes angle downward, rather than straight across?  That's an eye-fooler that works for us!

This item is currently sold out.  Interested?  Let me know and I'll alert you when more arrive.
The Vera Tunic is a 3/4 sleeve top that's mostly black, with some fun decorations at the bottom.  One side features a wide red stripe, and then all around is the gray stripe fabric with a slit in the front only.  Check out the red band around the left sleeve too, making for some nice asymmetry!  This top is cut wide at the hips to make room some nice flow.  Also, my favorite feature is the gray stripe fabric around the neckline!

Only the XL is available as I write, but stay tuned as another order will arrive eventually.  If you want a call when your size comes in, just let me know by calling 425-776-3778.

The Jude tunic is available in periwinkle stripe
Here's the Jude Tunic in periwinkle and black stripes.  It's a great length and features a pair of pockets in the front.  A scoop neck that isn't too deep and 3/4 sleeves that cover the flabby upper arms.  Cut generously in the hips, too.  This is just great to wear over black or navy leggings or skinny jeans.  I also discovered that it looks rather dressy when paired with a wider-leg trouser.

If you're short, say under 5'4", you can even wear it as a dress!  This style is the most popular so far. This style is currently sold out.  Interested?  Let me know and I'll alert you when more arrive.

Jenny Tunic in turquoise
Here's the Jenny Tunic, a super simple but terrific basic you can dress up or down due to its utter simplicity.  3/4 sleeves cover our flabby upper arms.  The scoop neck is perfect for jewelry, or if you prefer, a long necklace or scarf is also great.  The right scarf would really dress this top up.  Generously cut through the hips, it also covers the butt.  The asymmetrical hem is both flattering and disguising of wider hips.

This would look great over jeans, leggings or a narrow skirt.  As I write, all sizes but XL are available!

Let me know what you think of this line.  It will help me decide whether or not to increase the styles or not.  Which of these four is your favorite?

Thanks, and here's to our casual chic Northwest style!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Beautiful - and Functional - Hand-painted Wood Bowls

From Florida to Washington comes the colorful artwork of Janis Childs.  Her hand-painted wood salad bowls and servers are absolutely gorgeous.  And best of all, they stand the test of time!

Lemons on blue background, 12" salad bowl and matching servers

Janis hand paints each bowl individually, without using a stencil or pattern.  Each is done from scratch, making each a unique work of art.

Using hard woods like beech or maple, they are also extremely durable.  Janis began painting her bowls in 1990.  She has customers who are still using bowls they purchased way back then!

Olive-themed 12" salad bowl and servers

Janis uses a finish that is a water-based urethane.  It is proposition 65 compliant, which makes them food safe.  Janis says, "I tell people to use them as they would any finished wooden bowl."

Sea shells themed 12" salad bowl with matching servers

The bowls are available in a 12" diameter, as well as a 15" diameter.  The 12" is great for most purposes for daily life.  The 15" is best for larger families or party settings.

We currently have three 12" bowls in stock and one 15" bowl, so stop by to see the difference yourself.

This item is currently out of stock.  Just call and we'll order it for you!  Give us 3 weeks for the artist to paint it just for you.

15" salad bowl featuring a vegatable theme, with matching servers
Janis writes the care method on the bottom of each bowl, so it can never get lost.  Treat these bowls as you would any other wood bowl.  Hand wash and dry.  That's it!

For weddings, house warmings, gardeners, or anyone who likes to eat salad - these bowls are a beautiful, enduring gift they will cherish for years to come.

Though currently sold, this item can be ordered.

Jeff and Manya

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Creative Wedding Gifts for Every Budget

Aluminum and Glass wreath
Many of our customers refuse to buy wedding gifts based on the bridal registry.  "It's too boring!", they exclaim!  And so they come to MaJe Gallery to find something meaningful, beautiful, and handmade!  

And the best part - we have a great gift for every budget!

Take this lovely aluminum and glass wreath by Washington artist Celeste Stuhring.  What a perfect gift for the wine-loving couple who are setting up house together.  And since aluminum doesn't rust or tarnish, it hangs equally well outdoors too.  It's 15" in diameter.  $74.99.

Currently sold out - but available on order.

Hand-sculpted clay
This hand-sculpted clay vase is called "The Flame."  A great gift for a couple who are proclaiming the flame of their love to the world through their marriage.  It stands 15" tall x 9" wide.

It's actually two separate pieces, that fit snugly inside each other - another metaphor for a great partnership!  Both pieces can hold water and live flowers, but it is also very lovely simply as a sculpture.  Made in Washington by Barry McAlister.  $225.

Original 10" x 8" acrylic painting on canvas
It sometimes feels tricky to buy original art for someone else, but if you know they love colorful things, this could be a real winner.  It is a great size (10" x 8") to tuck into a lonely spot on any wall.  And what a lovely message to send to the new couple! Oregon artist Julie Terrell painted this, and has others like it as well.  $64.

Currently sold out - but available on order.

Stemless wine glasses with heart embellishments
If your budget is smaller, check out this charming pair of stemless wine glasses with fused glass heart embellishments.  One red heart and one blue heart is just perfect for the newlyweds!  No wine charms necessary, as these are permanently adhered to the glass itself.  Made in Washington by Celeste Stuhring.  Get the pair for $40.

Currently sold out - but available on order.

Mosaic Mirror
For a spectacular gift for a special couple, a mosaic mirror by mosaic master Angie Heinrich from Seattle is an excellent choice.  This one features a brick red and gold color palette, but many other color choices are available upon request.  

This classic oval shape measures 18" x 22".  The mosaics consist of hand-made Italian glass tiles, and glass and metal beads.  Angie studied mosaic-making with masters in Italy and Spain, and her meticulous attention to detail shows that training.  $370.

Currently sold out - but available on order.

Copper and steel fused between two sheets of glass make distinctive vases.

Size Options
A small but elegant gift is one of these bud vases.  Made by fusing copper and steel between two sheets of glass, they are the same on both sides.  A simple metal stand holds them up.  When copper is heated up, all the gorgeous and rich colors come out that you see here, and steel turns black.

Made in Washington by Charlton Glass, each is signed by the artist.  Get just one, or choose the trio to make a bolder statement.
Trio of fused glass art platters
Art Glass is beloved by both men and women alike, which makes it a particularly lovely gift for a couple.  These unique Art Glass Bowls by Washington artist Heidi VanderWerff are just the ticket.  Available in a variety of colors such as mixed brights (top left), Red (top right), and Ocean (bottom), you can find a color to compliment any decor.

Each bowl measures approximately 12.5" in diameter.  Completely functional, it sits evenly on a tabletop.  It can also be placed on an easel for display purposes.

Choose a creative and distinctive gift for your next wedding!  Let us help you find the perfect gift at MaJe Gallery!

Jeff and Manya
Your Beauty Ambassadors