Sunday, June 29, 2014

Creative Wedding Gifts for Every Budget

Aluminum and Glass wreath

Many of our customers refuse to buy wedding gifts based on the bridal registry.  "It's too boring!", they exclaim!  And so they come to MaJe Gallery to find something meaningful, beautiful, and handmade!  

And the best part - we have a great gift for every budget!

Take this lovely aluminum and glass wreath by Washington artist Celeste Stuhring.  What a perfect gift for the wine-loving couple who are setting up house together.  And since aluminum doesn't rust or tarnish, it hangs equally well outdoors too.  It's 15" in diameter.  $74.99.

Hand-sculpted clay
This hand-sculpted clay vase is called "The Flame."  A great gift for a couple who are proclaiming the flame of their love to the world through their marriage.  It stands 15" tall x 9" wide.

It's actually two separate pieces, that fit snugly inside each other - another metaphor for a great partnership!  Both pieces can hold water and live flowers, but it is also very lovely simply as a sculpture.  Made in Washington by Barry McAlister.  $225.

Original 10" x 8" acrylic painting on canvas
It sometimes feels tricky to buy original art for someone else, but if you know they love colorful things, this could be a real winner.  It is a great size (10" x 8") to tuck into a lonely spot on any wall.  And what a lovely message to send to the new couple! Oregon artist Julie Terrell painted this, and has others like it as well.  $64.

Stemless wine glasses with heart embellishments
If your budget is smaller, check out this charming pair of stemless wine glasses with fused glass heart embellishments.  One red heart and one blue heart is just perfect for the newlyweds!  No wine charms necessary, as these are permanently adhered to the glass itself.  Made in Washington by Celeste Stuhring.  Get the pair for $40.

Mosaic Mirror
For a spectacular gift for a special couple, a mosaic mirror by mosaic master Angie Heinrich from Seattle is an excellent choice.  This one features a brick red and gold color palette, but many other color choices are available upon request.  

This classic oval shape measures 18" x 22".  The mosaics consist of hand-made Italian glass tiles, and glass and metal beads.  Angie studied mosaic-making with masters in Italy and Spain, and her meticulous attention to detail shows that training.  $370.

Copper and steel fused between two sheets of glass make distinctive vases.

Size Options
A small but elegant gift is one of these bud vases.  Made by fusing copper and steel between two sheets of glass, they are the same on both sides.  A simple metal stand holds them up.  When copper is heated up, all the gorgeous and rich colors come out that you see here, and steel turns black.

Made in Washington by Charlton Glass, each is signed by the artist.  Get just one, or choose the trio to make a bolder statement.
Trio of fused glass art platters

Art Glass is beloved by both men and women alike, which makes it a particularly lovely gift for a couple.  These unique Art Glass Bowls by Washington artist Heidi VanderWerff are just the ticket.  Available in a variety of colors such as mixed brights (top left), Red (top right), and Ocean (bottom), you can find a color to compliment any decor.

Each bowl measures approximately 12.5" in diameter.  Completely functional, it sits evenly on a tabletop.  It can also be placed on an easel for display purposes.

Choose a creative and distinctive gift for your next wedding!  Let us help you find the perfect gift at MaJe Gallery!

Jeff and Manya
Your Beauty Ambassadors

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Five Great Graduation Gifts

Our local high schools here in Edmonds will be sending the 2014 graduates out into the world in a couple weeks, between June 12 and 14.  Whether you have kids graduating from there or elsewhere, here are five great gift ideas for grads.

Silver Pearls with Sterling Silver, by Shari Both Jewelry Design


Pearls are a traditional gift for girls at graduation.  But these silver pearls with sterling silver are updated and contemporary, for the modern girl.  While elegant and classy, it is still fun enough to wear with jeans and a T-shirt.

But then again, you may wish for something more traditional after all!  Check out this...

Four traditional pearl necklaces by Manya Vee Jewelry

From left to right
These are in a more traditional style.  From left to right, we have larger 8mm round-ish ivory pearls on ivory silk, with some space between each one.  This style is called the "tin cup" necklace, due to becoming popular when worn by the actress in the movie of the same name. 17" - 19" adjustable.

Next to that, we have small, high quality coin pearls (named due to being shaped like a coin, or a disk) on black silk in that same tin cup style.  17" - 19" adjustable.

Just to the right of that is another tin cup style necklace with smaller pearls, about 5mm in diameter.  17" - 19" adjustable.

Finally, a strand of 6mm pearls in the most traditional style, closed with a traditional sterling silver pearl clasp.  This one is 21" long, making it a really great necklace to pair with others.  One of the tin cup styles looks great with this one.

Life Necklace - Sterling word charm with pearl and gem charms by Marcia Beck

Charm Choices
Give an encouraging word to your grad!  These 18" necklaces feature a sterling word charm, a pearl and two gemstones each.  On the left is "imagine", with a pearl, labradorite and amethyst.  A grad has her whole life in front of her to imagine how she wants it to be.

In the middle is "emerge", an excellent sentiment for a grad!  This 18" necklace has a pearl, blue chalcite and amethyst.

On the far right is "passion", the perfect sentiment to send someone going off to college, or even finishing college and getting ready to pursue her dream.  This 18" necklace has a pearl, amazonite and chalcedony.

Other life necklaces are available in the shop, so stop by to check it out.  Or if you live too far away, give us a call and we'll tell you over the phone.

Colorful wall clock by Pam Corwin
This charming wall clock by Olympia, Washington's Pam Corwin features a reproduction of her watercolor painting, mounted on foam core so it's extremely light-weight.  Add clock works, and presto!  You have a lovely piece of functional art with an excellent reminder for how to live life.  This one measures 6" x 6".  All it needs is a AA battery.

Original acrylic painting on canvas by Julie Terrell
This original acrylic painting on canvas was painted by our colorful and optimistic artist, Julie Terrell.  The paint wraps around the sides of the painting, so no frame is required.  Perfect for the grad leaving for college, or the one graduating from college and entering new life experiences.   Send your grad on their way with warm wishes and happy thoughts!

We hope you enjoyed our five great gifts for grads!  Stop by to see even more ideas!

Jeff and Manya
Your Beauty Ambassadors

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Eight Artistic Ways to Celebrate Wine

Stemless wine glasses with fused glass "charms"

These charming stemless wine glasses are adorned with their own fused glass "charm", adhered to the front.  Many choices available, in addition to the four adorable ones here.  Want to see what's currently available?  Email us a request at info "at" majegallery "dot" com.

Each glass is 4 1/2" tall.

Fused glass wine charms with fun expressions

Make someone smile by giving them one of these witty wine charms.  At 2.25" square, they are lots of fun.  The chain lets them fit over the neck of a bottle of wine, making them the perfect way to give a bottle of wine as a gift.  (see next picture for example)  Or simply hang it in a window.

When you order, the background color may not be the same as pictured here.

Copper in glass wine bottle caddy
CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK.  Email to order one.  Approximately 2-week turnaround time.

This elegant wine caddy was made by fusing a piece of copper between two sheets of glass.  The bright orange of raw copper is transformed when heated to fuse the glass together, bringing out an amazing array of colors like brick, terra cotta, purple and black.

This wine bottle also sports one of the wine charms from above, so you can see how it looks adorning your favorite bottle of wine!

Wine themed stakes for garden or indoor plant pots
Need a gift for someone who's both a gardener and a wine lover?  The two loves crossover in these wine-themed garden stakes.  Small enough to work well in an indoor potted plant as well.  Here's a closeup to see what they say...

Closeup of the wine themed garden stakes above

This is fused glass permanently adhered to a steel base, with a steel stake for ease of "planting".  The glass part is 7.5" tall x 2" wide.  Each stake is 18.5" tall.  As each is hand-made, the background colors may be different.

Aluminum and glass wreath
And here we have the ultimate wedding gift for your favorite lovers - and lovers of wine!  A terrific anniversary gift, too.  Or get it for yourself to announce to all who enter what you're about!  Aluminum doesn't rust or tarnish, making it an excellent choice for outdoor art.  It's also very light weight, making it easy to hang.

Fused glass night light
Need something for someone who has everything?  An artful night light is an excellent choice - and this one is perfect for someone who enjoys wine too.  Shown here with the light on, it glows sweetly as it lights your path at night, keeping you from stubbing your toe!

Pair of fused glass candle shields
As long as we're on the subject of light, check out these two candle shields.  Made of fused glass, they have fun wine-themed sayings on each one.  Here are two more:

Another pair of fused glass candle shields

Each candle shield has a glass candle cup adhered to the back into which you can put a tea light or votive.  When lit, the ambience created by the colorful glow makes any room more charming and inviting.  Each candle shield stands 6.5" tall and is 6" wide.  Here's a side view to show the candle cup behind...

Candle shields - side view to show candle cup
Finally, how about a pair of fused glass wine glass earrings - the perfect accessory for the true aficionado.  These are made with a clear glass background and dichroic glass sparklies on the surface.  The glass is 1" long, making the earring hand 1.5" from the ear lobe, including the ear wire, which is sterling silver.

Wine Glass Earrings

Thank you for taking a tour through our artistic celebrations of wine!  A great selection of gifts for all the wine-loving friends in your life.  

Stop by and visit the gallery!  New additions are added almost daily.


Jeff and Manya
Your Beauty Ambassadors

Sunday, April 27, 2014

We Love Washington State! Celebrate with Washington Art!

Washington State is full of beauty.  Nature offers us the ocean, lakes, mountains, hills, rivers, waterfalls and more.  We love our salmon, crab, evergreens and tumbleweeds.  There are man-made things too, like our beloved Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and more.

Our Washington artists like to commemorate those things too!  Check out our great selection, and purchase them right here.  We'll mail them right to your home.  If you now live outside Washington state, we'll include a refund check for our state sales tax.  Everyone gets free shipping!

Light weight wall clock by Olympia's Pam Corwin
Pam Corwin paints vivid watercolors that she then reproduces and mounts on foam core.  It looks like a heavy ceramic tile, but it's super light weight.  You can drop it, but you can't break it!  She added silent (no ticking!) clock works to give us a great piece of functional art.  This one measures 6" x 8".  It needs a AA battery.

Hand-cut copper salmon encased between two pieces of textured glass
A copper salmon is captured and fused between two pieces of textured glass, and given a wavy layout so it can stand up by itself.  The heat from the fusing process brings out yummy colors in the salmon like terra cotta, brick and even purple.  Created in Mill Creek, Washington, by Charlton Glassworks, this simple elegance of this piece of art beautifully captures our iconic salmon.  It measures 6.5" x 17.5".

Trio of Space Needle themed votive shields

Color options
And then there's our beloved Space Needle!  There are plenty of hokey tourist products available, but let an artist get to work and look out!  These fused glass votive shields have a glass votive cup adhered to the back.  The surface design is all done with dichroic glass and its cool metallic finish.  When the candle is lit, the ambient glow is very charming.  The orange and cobalt shields measure 7" x 6". The center turquoise shield measures 7" x 4.5".  Here's a side view to show you the candle cup....
Side view to show the candle cup
Let's continue with the Space Needle focus and combine our love of it with our love of wine!

A quad of stemless wine glasses featuring Space Needle enhancements

Color options
These stemless wine glasses feature fused glass "charms" adhered to the glass directly, and have a space needle theme in dichroic glass on a clear colored glass background.  Get the quartet and enjoy some Washington wine with friends while reminiscing about your personal Space Needle stories.

Welcome friends to your home with this fused glass and aluminum wreath that also includes our Space Needle, along with other Washington favorite icons.

Aluminum wreath with fused glass elements capturing Washington icons
Many enjoy wiring this to their front door.  Aluminum is an excellent outdoor metal for our damp Northwest, since it doesn't tarnish or rust.  It measures 15" in diameter.

Speaking of aluminum, check out these adorable 3-D ornaments with Northwest themes:

3-D Aluminum ornaments by Northwest artist Dieter Moenig

Each ornament is 3.25" in diameter.  It is cut out of a single, flat (originally) sheet of aluminum with a water jet.  The design allows the artist to manipulate the metal upon completion to get a 3-D effect.  While these are ornaments, they aren't holiday specific, so could be enjoyed year-round.

Fused glass art salmon adhered to a steel base, with steel "seaweed" behind
This festive salmon is a votive candle holder!  The festive combo of regular and dichroic fused glass mounted on a steel frame.  The body of the salmon is open in the back, allowing the glow of the candle flame to be seen through the various glass colors.  The seaweed behind the salmon is actually several inches behind the salmon itself, connected by a steel tray that holds the candle cup.  Here's a side view:

Side view of the salmon votive
The salmon is 8.5" long x 4" tall.  It's 4.5" deep.

Light weight wall clock by Olympia's Pam Corwin
CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK.  Email to place your order.  Approximate turnaround time 2 - 4 weeks.

Let's finish off our Celebration of the beauty of Washington with a famous icon - the Pike Place Market!  Captured here in a watercolor by Olympia's Pam Corwin, find a reproduction of it adhered to a piece of light weight foam core.  Silent (no ticking!) clock works are added, and voila!  A vibrant and fun piece of functional art is yours.  This clock is 7" tall and 8" wide.  All it needs is a AA battery.

Thanks for joining us on an artistic voyage celebrating Washington!  We hope you enjoyed the ride!

Jeff and Manya
Your Beauty Ambassadors