Sunday, September 20, 2015

Seahawks Gear For Stylish Fans

The masses wear the jersey.  But you, my dear fan of MaJe Gallery, are not the masses.  Oh no.  You are distinctive, unique and creative!  That's why you look for the more artistic, unusual Seahawks gear.  Well, look no further!  Our artists have been working overtime to end your quest right here!

Seahawks Earrings

Fused glass earrings are a great place to begin.  Especially since they are only $22, with no two alike.  This artist combines regular glass with the metallic look of dichroic glass.  All ear wires are sterling silver.

Here's another option for the Seahawk fan with this kind of flare:  Silver-plated wire with green and blue glass beads and "12" charms.  These are made right here in Edmonds by Judy Thompson.


Seahawk Necklaces

Three necklace options for our Seahawk fans here.  Each is made of sterling-plated wire, sterling silver chains and clasps.  Made in Edmonds by Judy Thompson.


Seahawk Rings

What's a good Seahawk fan without a funky ring to wear?  Check out these below, also of fused glass.  These are on stretchy bands, so they fit all fingers between 4 and 10.  No two alike:



Here's how these rings look on an actual hand.  It's Manya's little hand here:

One of the stretchy rings above on Manya's hand
In the image below, we have a ring that's a bit more subtle.  Made from silver-plated wire and glass beads, this fun and simple ring can be made in any size you need.  Simply indicate the size needed upon ordering.  It may take 7-10 days to receive this custom piece.
Beaded Seahawks ring by Judy Thompson

For the super-serious fan, who wants a classy ring that can also be worn at other times without screaming out Seahawks or 12th Man, check out this beauty featuring peridot and london blue topaz.  Currently sized at 6 1/2, this ring can be re-sized to fit just about any finger.  Just let us know.  No additional charges.

Peridot and London Blue Topaz on Sterling Silver by faceting master Bill Booze

Seahawk Cups and Coasters

Where there's football, there's a party.  Party in style with these wonderful accessories by our local artists.  The blue and green design is silk-screened onto thick, clear glass with powdered glass.  Then it is fused together in a kiln at very high temperatures.  It's impossible to scrape off that color.  Then, the "12" is sandblasted onto the surface very expertly.  Comes as a set of four.

12th Man fused glass coasters.  Comes as set of four.

The proper beverage container must be placed on such a lovely coaster, right?  Here we have stemless wine glasses with a fused glass football and 12 fused together!  Available individually or as a set of four.

Stemless wine glasses with football and "12" permanent charms


Stay tuned!  We have more to add here shortly as artists bring in yet more wonderful examples of classy Seahawk accessories!

Monday, August 24, 2015

What's New at MaJe This Week?

Aluminum wreath with dichroic and regular glass

Welcome visitors to your home with this charming aluminum wreath made by a local artist.  Aluminum doesn't rust or tarnish, so it's perfect for our damp Northwest weather.  Embellished with both dichroic and regular glass elements, it's both colorful and cheerful.  It also makes a great wedding or house warming gift.

Light-weight wall clocks with Washington state themes


The ever-popular wall clocks from Olympia's Paper Scissors Rock feature favorite Washington state themes.  These clocks look like ceramic tiles that are heavy and easily broken.  But no!  Rather, an original watercolor painting is reproduced and mounted onto gatorboard, so each is extremely light weight.  You can drop it, but you can't break it!  Light enough to hang from a push pin.

Dichroic Glass earrings for the 12th man in you

Are you a Seahawks fan?  Be ready for the entire season by adorning yourself now with these one-of-a-kind 12th man earrings made in Kirkland using dichroic glass.  While each is one-of-a-kind, once this pair sells, just ask me for pictures of others to choose your favorite.

"Out to Lunch,"  original acrylic on canvas painting by Suzanne deCillia

This painting is just waiting for you to create a story about the subjects.  Inspired by an outdoor cafe in Seattle, local artist Suzanne deCillia captured these two enjoying lunch.

Stop by to see other new items, and just to browse!

Also, if you missed my video last week, "Six Ways to Wear A Shimmer Shawl," be sure to check it out!

See you soon,

Manya Vee

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Shimmer Shawls by Caron Miller

The Shimmer Shawls by California's Caron Miller are a constant best seller at MaJe Gallery.  The two sides of the fabric are interesting.  One side has the amazing shimmer appeal, while the other is a matte finish.  Draping your shawl can create very impressive and dramatic results.

The fabric is a machine washable rayon.

The Shimmer Shawl can be worn a number of ways.  Let's find out some of those ways in this video featuring MaJe owner, Manya Vee.

Click on the image to watch a video of how to wear the Shimmer Shawls

Stop by MaJe Gallery in downtown Edmonds, Washington, to get your favorite, or purchase it right here online.  Here are the available colors, starting with the most popular.

Aqua Shimmer Shawl
The aqua shawl is the most popular color for MaJe customers.  It's a color that works very well on nearly every skin tone. It's wonderful with jeans, over a simple black dress, or with lots of other colors too.

Shimmer Shawl in Black Orchid
Black Orchid is a rich, deep purple on the shimmer side, and a black on the other.

Shimmer Shawl in Copper
Copper is a warm copper on the shimmer side, and a brownish-black on the other.

Shimmer Shawl in Magenta/Seafoam
The Magenta/Seafoam shawl is a fascinating two-tone weave with magenta threads one direction and seafoam the other.  The shimmer effect on this one is a bit magical, sometimes looking more seafoam, at other times more magenta.  The reverse side is a matte magenta.

Shimmer Shawl in Olive

The Olive shawl is a gorgeous olive green on one side, and a greenish-black on the matte side.
Lavender-Yellow Shimmer Shawl
The Lavender-Yellow shawl features lavender threads one direction and golden-yellow the other.  The reverse side is a matte lavender.

Silver Shimmer Shawl
The Silver shawl is a gorgeous silver on one side and matte black on the other.  This has been a popular neutral tone.

Tangerine Shimmer Shawl
The tangerine shawl is perhaps the boldest color in the line, featuring a vivid orange-red thread one direction and a golden-yellow the other way.  The reverse side is a matte orange-red.

Teal Shimmer Shawl
The teal shawl is a rich, deep teal blue on the shimmery side, and matte black on the other.

Whichever shawl you choose, wear it for both dressy and casual so you maximize your value, and make a bold statement wherever you go.